60SPC0.4 x 1.2-TICN

HSS SP Center combine a new geometry and high accuracy allowing higher machining speeds and improved cost efficiency.
制造商: IWATA
库存信息: 10000件,有货

- Long tool life without pilot breakage.

- Double angle point prevents chipping.

- Spot drilling and countersinking in the same process.

- Improved reliability due to ultrafine Carbide grade.

- Extremely sharp cut due to large spiral angle.

Code No. 60SPC0.4 x 1.2-TICN
(⌀d) Hole diameter. 0.4
(⌀d1) Pivot shank diameter. 1.2
(d)Shank Dia. 3
(l1)Effective Length 3.6
(L)Overall Length 40